ALL Smiling Critters Songs And MUSIC VIDEOS! (Poppy Playtime Chapter 3 CatNap Deep Sleep)

ALL Smiling Critters Songs MUSIC VIDEOS! (Poppy Playtime Chapter 3 CatNap Deep Sleep) This is ALL The Smiling Critters Songs and Music Videos! Puppy Playtime, Popplay time 3, napping cats, This video has the CATNAP Song and Music Video, DogDay Song and Music Video, CraftyCorn Song and Music Video, Picky Piggy Song and Music Video, Hoppy Hopscotch Song and Music Video, Bubba Bubbaphant Song and Music Video, Kicken Chicken Song and Music Video, Miss Delight Song and Music Video, CatNap Rap Song and Music Video, Bobby Bearhug Song and Music Video.
Other Poppy Playtime Chapter 3 songs are: [SFM] DEEP SLEEP – POPPY PLAYTIME 3 SONG (Animation) by ROCKIT MUSIC
CG5 – Sleep Well (from Poppy Playtime: Chapter 3)
Catnap Song – “Hear the Laughter” (Poppy Playtime Chapter 3)
Catnap x Kicken chicken song
I’m Hoppy Hopscotch! Wanna try hopping to the moon with me?

Lyrics: I am Catnap come to destroy you!
Smiling Critters Song MUSIC VIDEO (Poppy Playtime Chapter 3 Deep Sleep) I am catnap song and smiling critters music video!
This is the Official Music Video to All the SMILING CRITTERS songs and music video! Catnap song, Dogday song, Craftycorn song, Bubba Bubbaphant song, Bobby Bearhug song, Kickn Chicken song, Hoppy Hopscotch song, and I AM CATNAP RAP SONG!
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Lyrics: I am Catnap come to destroy you
I am Catnap destroyer of all
I am Catnap come to destroy you
I am Catnap destroyer of all
I am catnap don’t wake me from my deep sleep
I am catnap just looking for some fresh meat.
The smiling critters coming to get you,
The smiling critters coming to get you,
The smiling critters coming to get you,

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Some Viral YouTube Shorts with CatNap and the CATNAP Song:



BENJIxScarlett also made other SMILING CRITTERS SONGS Like DogDay Song, Bobby Bearhug song, Craftycorn song and CATNAP SONG 1 HOUR!
CatNap, otherwise known as Experiment 1188 or previously Theodore Grambell, is the third antagonist of Poppy Playtime, serving as the main antagonist of Chapter 3: Deep Sleep and the secondary antagonist of the series.

He was originally responsible for looking after the notorious Home Sweet Home, a Playcare facility that held child experiments captive. Experiment 1188 contained a non-lethal but potent version of Poppy Gas in his respiratory system. During the creation of Experiment 1188, he went through two iterations before the final version was perfected.

Following the rebellion of the victims of the Bigger Bodies Initiative, CatNap had set up shop within Playcare until the eventual return of The Player in 2005. With this return, CatNap was commanded to locate and defeat the player, recruiting a series of other monstrous experiments in Playcare in the process. Ultimately, CatNap fails to complete his objective; and during the final moments of Chapter 3, The Prototype reaches towards CatNap and slaughters him before snatching his lifeless body.
TIMESTAMPS/Video Chapters: 0:01 Catnap song
1:01 Smiling critters song
2:04 Dogday song
3:08 Hoppy hopscotch song
4:11 kickin chicken song
7:24 Bobby bearhug song
8:18 Picky piggy song
9:18 catnap rap song
10:18 miss delight song
11:22 i am catnap song

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