songs I discovered a while ago (maybe it would be your taste, indie and some funky vibes) – playlist

Hello! I know it’s been a long time since I haven’t uploaded something(almost like a year I’m sorry aaaa) I haven’t been feeling well emotionally, but now mi situation it’s getting better so I started to feel well too :’D well kind of but I want to improve! And changing the topic, I think this is my longest playlist at the moment aaaa I suffered a lot while editing this, it had a lot of audio errors and problems with rendering it too q_q I had to render it again like 4 TIMES because it kept lagging ah well but now the playlist finally is uploaded! yayy !

spotify playlist!

photo by Amine Mayoufi from Pexels (photo edited to make this video)
original link:
his profile:

take care y besos en la cola!!
I need to know what I’m gonna do this year aa o(-( I hope you’re okay with your studies!
spoiler: the next playlist will be a spanish one! also, the title will be also in spanish so sorry english speakers !! XD

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