Good morning, Broadsheet readers! Women are leading global economic organizations, the FTC blocks P&G’s Billie acquisition, and Harvey Weinstein’s walls come tumbling down. Have a wonderful Wednesday.

– Demo day. The dismantling of Harvey Weinstein’s empire has taken years, and a small piece of it, a Weinstein Company office in Tribeca, got an overhaul last month. The demolition was handled—rather fittingly—by a woman-led team.

Emma has a new story out this morning about Barbara Kavovit (yes, of Real Housewives of New York fame) who runs Evergreen Construction, the firm that handled the job. Kavovit says she won the job by promising that women would work on the project. And she followed through, hiring women-led contractors from Mikoma Electric and Alba Demolition as she worked with Keri Mate of architecture firm Design Republic.

Together, the team stripped the office, which used to house the disgraced movie producer and convicted rapist‘s production company, removing its private rooms and turning it into an open space with natural light.

For Kavovit, who’s an anomaly in the overwhelmingly-male construction field, the work held extra meaning. She says she’s “had a lot of Harveys” in her life.

“I felt a feeling of triumph, of closure, and rebuilding to make it better. It was a shift to me that as a woman-owned business we got hired to take down Harvey Weinstein’s offices,” she said. “I had a permanent smile on my face as I watched each wall come down. I took a sledgehammer and started bashing in the walls.”

That’s one symbolic way to smash the patriarchy.

You can read Emma’s full story here.

Claire Zillman

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